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Going Big

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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And going home.

In the future, anyway.

Sometimes life won't let you find an easy way and you have to make the decision to dig in and grind.

Such is the case with the newly re-named Warehouse. Previously nicknamed the Storage Garage (that's what it is, not really a great "name," thus, the change), it's where I'll store my cars and junk when the time comes that I can afford to build it. Which comes after the time I can afford to buy the house and property to build it on.

I digress.

The old design for the Storage Garage had it sized at 30'x40'x10' using an off-the-shelf Frontier Garage from VersaTube for maximum savings. While I could technically fit everything I have in that space, it was completely unusable because both the space and the doors were too small to get the cars in and out without moving around the racks and associated stuff in order to shuffle the cars so I could get one through the door.

That's not really gonna work in the real world.

The new more costly design calls for another ready-made VersaTube garage, this time a 40'x40'x12' Summit Garage, which has both larger doors and enough space to fit everything in it comfortably so that I can just fire the cars up and back them out.

Nifty, right?

I thought so.

That brings me to the update I've made to the Storage Garage in the Garage Projects section, which includes both the update to the Warehouse and an update to the accompanying project to build it. Now titled Project: Big Top, you'll find all the details in the Projects section.

That's all for this week.

It's just about summer so I hope you're doing more than dreaming and planning.

Enjoy some of that glorious weather and open road for me!


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