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Hot Dog with Mustard

Stuffing the Bun

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Trying to back a car hauler into a carport — not an RV cover — is kinda like trying to stuff a ballpark-sized hot dog in a picnic bun.

That's exactly what I'm planning to do in the future with my car trailer — which I don't yet own because I can neither afford it, nor do I have a place for it at the moment.

That's where the design for my Hobby Complex and the idea of the Trailerport come into the picture.

Either just before or just after I construct the Storage Garage, I plan on putting up the Trailerport to keep the car trailer clean, dry, and out of the elements. To that end, I've completed the page for the Trailerport — you'll find it in the Garage Projects section.

Keep an eye out next week for another Garage Project update.

Until then, keep the shiny side up!


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