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Garage Dreams

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by Ryan King

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The resources I have to devote to my hobby are limited.

I won't even kid you about it.

My hobby was started years ago when I had a steady, if not rapidly growing income and is based mostly on the cars I collected during that time.

In order to return them to their former glories, I will need to manage the entire process with care.

Simply being efficient won't cover it, I'll need to find an elegant solution.

In order to find that elegant solution and ultimately succeed, I'll need to formulate a solid plan that considers every facet of the end result I'm looking for, how to take every step to get there without doing anything extraneous, and how to use and re-use resources effectively without cutting any corners.

One of the most important parts of that plan are the facilities I need to support my goals — which is why I'm moving forward by creating the Garage Projects section of Classics and Performance.

I've been coming up with ideas, researching, and putting together costs for the buildings I need for some time — and this is where the Garage Projects section begins.

Because my resources are so scarce, the Garage Projects section will need to be somewhat fluid, adapting as I do. To start, it will begin with inexpensive — and quite frankly, inadequate for my purposes — ideas for two garages, Storage and Service.

If I'm able to do more at a later date, I'm certainly not going to limit myself to these concepts, I'm just trying to be as realistic as possible given my current constraints.

After all, I don't even have a home with the land necessary to build them on yet. However, I can't afford to let that stop me from moving forward with the preparations if I want to get where I'm going.

Until next time, I hope you're doing better than I am, and are succeeding with your own garage dreams.


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