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Minimum Viable Product

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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In engineering, iteration is a slow but effective process for improvement.

It means incremental updates to a "thing."

In the case of the first plan for my Hobby Complex, using the word "functional" would be playing fast and loose with the term.

For me and my hobby, building functional facilities means being able to use them to achieve success, not constructing structures that technically work but not capable of attaining the goals of my Car Projects. In order to find success and do so as inexpensively as possible, I've had to seriously reconsider my plans.

After spending weeks at it, I've finally come up with a solution for my facilities that will just barely work — but they should actually work. In product development parlance, that is known as a minimum viable product.

My only issue with the minimum viable product for this Complex is that it's more expensive than I can manage at the present time.

C'est la vis.

It wasn't like I could afford the buildings I had planned before, anyway.

There's no time like the present to get started, though, so without further adieu, here are the first two new buildings in my planned Hobby Complex: the MRO Shed and the MRO Workshop.

Neither has anything to do with wrenching on cars, but they're a necessity to get there and they're closely related.

Find out more on their new pages in Garage Projects.

Until next week, I hope to hell you're doing better with your hobby than I am with mine.


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