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Abandoned Farmhouse in a Field

Money Pit

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by Ryan King

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Without a home and the property it resides on, my hobby — and ultimately, Classics and Performance — can't come to complete fruition.

I wish I could say I was in the market for a place — even better, that I was actively house hunting. The only thing I'm actively doing is fantasizing, cruising the realty websites, and gazing at promising properties I can't foresee affording anytime soon.

On the positive side, it's giving me time to research and develop what my Hobby Complex needs to be, figure out what kind of property I'll need to achieve my dreams, learn how to house hunt, and potentially fix up the home I buy when I'm finally able to.


Yeah, you read that right.

See, my Car Projects — as well as the many other types of DIY projects I've done throughout the course of my life — have given me insight into the fallacy of thinking that picking up something inexpensively because it's in disrepair is a better alternative than a reasonably priced new or properly rebuilt, remanufactured, or in this case renovated, option.

It's not.

I find it's often smarter and ultimately cheaper to buy something more expensive that's already done and just live a better life because of it, rather than add more trial and tribulation — not to mention long-term cost — to my existence.

I know, being an avid gearhead myself, it can be hard to see things that way, but the school of hard knocks has learned me good over the years and I'm now a convert.

On the negative side, with the cost of home ownership skyrocketing well out of the realm of reasonable and into the land of luxury or fantasy, a fixer-upper may be my only option — and I may have to take on the difficulty and frustration that come along with one, just to have a home.

So, like finding a great project car, understanding when a turd is a turd and when a turd is really hiding a gem within, is becoming increasingly important for me in my search for a house, as well.

The only real positive I see here is that a house is less complex to work on than a car. Hopefully, that means whatever money pit I end up living in won't get too much in the way of my hobby.


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