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Fall Project(s)

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

U.S. Military Name Tapes Link

Where's the Facebook page for the Survivor?

I'm glad you asked.

It's now live.

If you like to keep tabs on what's happening with the Survivor '87 Mustang and want an easier way to find out, like and follow it, and it will show up in your Facebook feed.

Looking for more?

The Garage Projects continue to roll on.

This week, I've put together Project: Déjà Vu for the Toolbox.

In it, you'll find all my thoughts and guesstimates about how I'll build the Toolbox Equipment Shed for my Hobby Complex.

You know, on my imaginary property.

That's it for the first post of October.

I hope your fall project(s) are underway and you're living the dream.


U.S. Military Name Tapes Link