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Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Are you a fan of the Cobalt SS/SC?

That's excellent — this Bench Racing update is for you!

The Cobalt has finally made it onto Facebook with its own profile!

Now you can find updates to the Cobalt SS/SC right in your Facebook feed by liking and following it!

While you're at it, like and follow Classics and Performance as well. In fact, like and follow any of the project cars you like. It's a great, free way to help Classics and Performance grow — and trust me, growth is good. The more it grows, the better the content. Because, let's face it, Classics and Performance is very resource intensive and the bigger it can get, the more resources it will have available — well, if it gets big enough to start earning its keep.

That's all for this week. Right now I'm working on another Equipment Review I'm hoping to post next week — wish me luck!


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