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by Ryan King

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The final project to build the Car Lot Hobby Complex is complete!

No, I don't mean the Car Lot is done, I mean I've finished writing up the final project charter. I'm calling it Project: Big Finish.

I like to think it's fitting.

You can find it under the Car Lot in the Garage Projects section.

Is this the last project for my Hobby Complex, though? Probably not.

There will likely be more once it's built. Oddly enough, a group of related projects to develop a final result is called a program in project management lingo.

So, really, the projects to build the Car Lot are a single program to build the Hobby Complex made up of 10 projects that will construct eight buildings and the grounds surrounding them. Later projects may cover expansions and improvements of some sort and there will certainly be repairs and maintenance happening to the buildings and the grounds to write about. However, those projects won't be happening until I can get the Hobby Complex done — sometime in the future.

That's not all that's happening at Classics and Performance, though! I've just dropped the GT Facebook page, so be sure to like and follow it to have the latest updates to the GT come up in your Facebook feed!

That's it for this week — stay tuned for more to come!


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