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Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Change is inevitable.

Sometimes it's good for me, sometimes it's bad.

Sometimes it really doesn't matter.

I changed the name of my Mom's Mustang to "the Mustang."


"Mom's Mustang" was always intended to be temporary. "The Spark Plug" was the best that I could come up with, but I didn't feel satisfied with it. "The Mustang" isn't terribly descriptive, because I have so many and, really, so does everyone else. I resisted the name for quite some time, but, that's what we called the car while I was growing up and so it's got sentimental value and it's the best name I've got.

After I bought the Original 351, my Mom's Mustang started being called "Mom's Mustang" and "the Yellow Mustang." The Yellow Mustang — much like the Green Truck — would help to differentiate it, but, it won't be staying yellow, so it doesn't work, either.

Why does it even matter that I changed the name? It doesn't in the scheme of things, but, along with the name change comes it's Facebook page that you can like and follow to stay up to date with it without having to look in on the website wondering when an update will pop for it.

Actually, keep looking in on the website — but also like and follow the Mustang to catch the latest updates to the project car right in your Facebook feed.

While I was busy dinking with Mom's Mustang page, I also added a new project to the Parking Garage page, Project: Auto House.

Project: Auto House covers the process and progress to build the Garage addition to my imaginary house.

That sounds really lame — and it is — but that's where dreams form, in the imagination. From there it's all about bringing them into reality — which I'm actively working on.

So, less lame.

All right, that's all I've got for this week.

I've got more coming next week.

Until then, I hope the last official day of summer sees you out on the road, or on the track, or doing something else amazing with your ride.


U.S. Military Name Tapes Link