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Unexciting News

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by Ryan King

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RV covers aren't exciting.

They aren't glamorous.

They don't get anything interesting done.

They are, however, practical and important if you have a trailer or RV of some sort.

I don't have one — yet — but I plan to at some point in the future when my hobby gets back on track. In fact, my goal is to own an ATC Open Car Hauler — although, I should warn you it appears they aren't making them any longer, since I can't find them on their website. I haven't called to confirm, but I do know there are still some new ones out there being advertised online by RV and trailer dealerships.

I may have to pick mine up used, but that's okay, too.

Back to RV covers. I just finished creating a charter for Project: Trailer Tube, which outlines how I plan to get my Trailerport RV Cover built in the Car Lot Hobby Complex. You can find it in the Garage Projects section on the Trailerport page.

Now on to other things.

Changing the Mustang's name last week inspired me to do the same for the Green Truck.

While I was growing up, we called my Grandpa's El Camino, "the Green Truck," but, more often, we called it "the El Camino."

Plain, simple, accurate.

Not terribly descriptive with so many El Caminos made — then again, neither is "Green Truck" — but I'm changing the name anyway.

The impetus for the change is the addition of the El Camino's Facebook page. You can now get updates to the El Camino's story right there in your Facebook feed. All you have to do is like and follow the old Green Truck and you'll be notified when there's a change.

That's what I've got for you to finish out September. Next week and next month there will be more popping up on Classics and Performance, so keep a sharp eye out!


U.S. Military Name Tapes Link