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Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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This was supposed to be the week I kicked Classics and Performance into a higher gear.

I even mentioned it in the Bench Racing 3/15/20 post, Warming Things Up.

With the ever-increasing threat of COVID-19 sweeping the land, I've had to put those plans on hold. That doesn't mean I'm not going to continue to produce content, however — as I noted in the Bench Racing 3/22/20 post, COVID-19 — it's just going to be content I can produce from my hidey-hole.

To that end, I've completed another book review, this time for an older, out-of-print book by Motorbooks: Ultimate Garage Handbook. I chose to highlight this book because of its focus, as well as the quality of its content.

Check out the review in the Book Reviews section to see if finding a copy is worth your time and effort.

This book continues my efforts to understand how to best put together a garage — or garages, as the case may be — to fit and fulfill my automotive hobby needs. I've been around a while and I've had an opportunity to learn from my mistakes, so I want to make sure that if I invest any money, time, and energy into a place to wrench on my Car Projects, it's done right — heck, even if it's just a place to park my daily driver, like the Parking Garage, I'd like to be sure it's capable of meeting my needs.

Though it's been long, this journey has been a good one. I've learned a lot about garages and workspaces, and I've even come to realize that my plans for the Hobby Complex may not be what I need.

For the moment, I'm not making any changes to the Garage Projects section, but as I've known since long before I created the Garage Projects, changes are a necessary part of development.

As for the Car Projects, they're no closer to being wrenched on and the Cobalt SS/SC with its brake problems is no closer to being fixed. On the positive side, because I'm stuck here twiddling my thumbs — and by twiddling my thumbs, I mean working my ass off, but without any fun breaks — I don't have a need for the Cobalt to be in tip top shape for the time being.

Hopefully, we manage to get a handle on this Coronavirus thing soon.

Until then, I'm still here and I'm still working on Classics and Performance and my car hobby, so I'll still have more content to post to keep you entertained — or whatever it does for you.


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