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by Ryan King

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Are you fortunate enough to be able to build a themed garage?

Are you looking for a retro vibe?

One of the most authentic pieces of equipment to have in a vintage-style garage is a service merchandiser.

Service merchandisers were popular in the '40s and '50s and are art deco-styled garage cabinets installed in professional auto shops during that era — ostensibly to modernize the service process and to increase sales. Whether they did either is debatable, but they are gorgeous.

In fact, you can design an entire garage around them to really make the concept pop — something that wasn't always done way back when, but when you see shops that did, man are they sharp.

If you can manage to outfit your garage with vintage pieces, that would be the ultimate, but there is another option: Excelsior Tooling Company recently came onto the market with new service merchandisers that are modular and can be used to fill-out an entire shop.

Excelsior is based in Melbourne, Australia and their products are built to order — so, you can expect a 2 to 3-month delay. Their cabinets and workbenches are modular and can be arranged to fit your garage and even custom painted to your taste or matched to your theme. Since they're modular, you can also add more pieces to your shop as need or pocketbook allows.

I don't know if building a vintage-themed garage is in my future, but it's certainly on my radar. They're gorgeous and I know from experience that having an environment that's inspiring greatly increases the reward of working in it.


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