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Winter Garage Project

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by Ryan King

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Have a finished garage and have problems with holes in the drywall from all your tinkering?

Since its winter and working outside may not be ideal where you live, you might consider an inside project like installing a durable material for wainscoting around the lower portion of the walls like I plan to use in my own Garage.

The general rule of thumb for wainscot is that it should be 1/3rd of the wall height, but for a more industrial application like a garage, you might want to consider 4-5 feet. You might even take the wainscot higher and make the trim normally used at the top, wider, for a shelf.

Some options to consider are interior-grade plywood, corrugated metal siding for a more industrial look, or simply screwing OSB or metal sheets to your walls — especially if you have it on hand and its free. Just be sure you seal OSB or other wood options as they can absorb moisture.

If you care about the value of your home/property, you might want to consider the aesthetic appeal of whatever option you choose — even OSB and plain sheet metal can be dressed up to look presentable.

Regardless of what route you go, I highly suggest finding a good resource and reading up on how to install wainscot, because, as an example, simply screwing a sheet of whatever material to a wall, could lead to damaging more drywall when the screws pull out, or more likely strip the hole during installation. Knowing that you need to find the wall studs and put your screws into the wall framing behind the drywall is an important detail — and there are undoubtedly many other details to know for the wide variety of material options out there.

Although I haven't read them, you can get started on your hunt for a good resource by looking into Black & Decker's the Complete Guide to Trim & Finish Carpentry, Trim Carpentry and Built-Ins by Taunton or Ultimate Guide: Trimwork from Creative Homeowner to see if any of those titles will work for you.

It's the garage, so you can go the KISS route, but it's also your garage, so go as hog wild as you want and do whatever makes it your ideal workspace — I would say the sky's the limit, but really, it's the ceiling in your garage.


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