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Red Barns Under Snowy Trees

Winter Wrenching

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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With the weather outside being so frightful and the inside being much more delightful, I've turned my thoughts to the buildings in my Hobby Complex.

You know, the ones that don't exist?

I find that not having a warm shop to work in makes this time of year ideal to plan one — or several as the case may be.

Think about it: standing at the workbench in your cozy shop as the temperatures drop outside to the level of freeze your tauntaun.

Or pull apart those brakes on your Muscle Car as you appreciate the warmth radiating from your heated garage floor while the light disappears from the cloudy sky and the temperatures go from merely freezing to "why the hell do I live here?"

I mean, could you imagine, your cold, dark winters actually being productive? Having your car ready to roll when the roads thaw in the spring instead of waiting until then to get started, your fingers still freezing because working out in the driveway is too darned cold?

Been there, done all of that.

Not working in a warm, pleasant garage, but the freezing my tochus off and not getting anything done because it was too cold for too many months.

And I assure you, as I get older, those freezing temperatures aren't getting any easier to work in.

Let's say for the sake of argument that you happen to feel the same way, but, unlike me, you have the means to do something about it. Or you have the means to think you might be able to do something about it.

Where do you start?

Well, if you don't know where to begin, might I suggest picking up a copy of How to Build Your Dream Garage? I read it last year and found it to be a great introduction to the subject of garage design and construction directed specifically at the average automotive enthusiast and you can check out my review of it to see if it's something that might help get you started on the path to pleasant winter wrenching.

As for progress on my own Garage Projects and prospects of winter wrenching on any of the project cars, I've got bupkis. In fact, I still need to figure out how to afford the repairs the Cobalt SS/SC needs after the last road trip I took a few months ago. Although a heck of a fun car to drive as a daily driver, the Cobalt lacks the same level of durability I've come to expect out of a '60s Muscle Car.

That's all for this week. I hope your winter wrenching is going swell and you and your Muscle Car are cozy in your own pleasant garage.

Until next time, keep her out of the ditches.


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