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Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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Spring is about to boing.

Days in most parts of the country should start improving — not here, but most parts.

That means road tripping, racing, and Car Projects — for other people, not me.

It may also mean finally putting up that garage you've always wanted.

I know I'm dreaming of that day.

But, how do you do it?

If you're going wood-frame and need an introduction to wood-frame garage construction, I've got two books for you to look over: Build Your Own Garage Manual and the Complete Guide to Garages.

Although they're published by two different publishers, I've reviewed them in one review, check it out in the Book Reviews section to see why.

Building my own garages may not be in my near future, but this year I've begun reengaging more substantially with my hobby.

Be on the lookout for things to come in the following months as I find creative ways to mix it up with the Car Projects.

Until next time, I hope your projects — be they car or garage-related — are going swimmingly.


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