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Freezing on the Floor

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by Ryan King

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The other night I was in the Old Classics and Performance Garage and it was damned cold.

I just stared at the freezing concrete floor and realized I used to lay on that in this weather.

With more than 10 years since I put wrench to LX, I've gained a little more wisdom.

I'm pretty certain that if I can, I'll be installing a heated floor in any garage I'll be working in — especially the Parking Garage, which is the one I'd most likely be on the ground under a car in.

I hear that heated floors are an economically efficient way to add heat to a garage because it lowers the demand on the HVAC system for heat.

I like that idea.

Plus, I really like the idea of getting down on a pleasant floor rather than something that acts like a heatsink and pulls the last vestiges of warmth from my body. I find it much easier to be productive in a pleasant environment.

I don't know if I'll be able to afford to add a heated floor to any of the Garage Projects when the time comes, but I'm more than open to the idea.

I guess only time will tell.

That and my pocketbook.

And the place I end up buying.

So, I guess time isn't the only thing that will tell.

But heated floors sure sound like a great idea in the freezing cold.


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