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1984 Ford Mustang — Bruno


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by Ryan King

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Last summer, while the Cobalt SS/SC and I were vacationing in Glacier National Park, I was having breakfast and reading a magazine — something I don't normally have any time for due to my busy schedule.

The magazine I was reading was the May/June 2016 issue of the now-defunct Cars & Parts — an excellent magazine with great editorial content — which was one of the last issues published.

The magazine was three years old when I was reading it and it was still new to me — I really don't have time for leisure reading anymore.

Anyway, the article was titled "the Fox Revolution." It recounted the story of the Fox Body Mustang and it had a very touching sidebar about Bruce Couture of Modern Driveline and his 1984 convertible Mustang. It was originally his friend Charlie Bruno's (of Charlie's Mustangs) and it was unfinished at the time of his unexpected death. Long story short, Bruce got a hold of it and completed it in the vision of his friend and it turned out stunning.

It was a very moving story for me because it reminded me a great deal of my Grandfather's El Camino and it's stuck with me since. Fast forward six months and I see a title from CarTech, "Fox Body Mustang Restoration: 1979-1993," and I think to myself, "I'd really like to review that one since I've got a couple of Fox Bodies I plan on restoring."

When it finally arrived, I was taken aback because I recognized — but couldn't place — the bright red Mustang on the cover. Then I saw the author and thought "Jim Smart, I know that name from somewhere..."

Turns out Jim Smart wrote that article in Cars & Parts back in 2016 and that bright red Mustang on the cover was Bruce Couture's — which I found out from reading the book — and he'd nicknamed "Bruno" after his friend, Charlie.

Any-who, three years after that article was published, this book about restoring Fox Body Mustangs hit the shelves in 2019 featuring that '84 Mustang. To find out more, check out my review of Fox Body Mustang Restoration: 1979-1993 in the Book Reviews section.

If you're into '79-'93 Mustangs and need to restore one, this book may be just the ticket you're looking for!


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