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The Sound of Classics and Performance

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by Ryan King

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As a kid I found myself enamored with the music from the late '50s, '60s, and early '70s — though, it wasn't contemporary for me.

When I reached adolescence, I spent a couple of years exploring the current, popular music of my peers and discovered it did little for me — the music I connected with as a child was the music I loved.

As I grew up, I left that music behind a second time with the demands and hustle and bustle of life. But, after years, I've returned to it once more. It's the music for me — which makes it the soundtrack for Classics and Performance. That's only right because it played a significant part in my love of cars, the specific cars I fell in love with, and the way I enjoy them — songs like Little Deuce Coupe, Mustang Sally, GTO, 409, and Hey Little Cobra.

I was very fortunate in that the radio station I grew up with playing that music spent a great deal of its air time not just spinning the tunes, but putting it into historical context — so I didn't just enjoy the music, but learned to appreciate it's immense artistic, intellectual, and cultural significance. That radio station has long since gone off the air and their incredible curation of the music they played, lost to time. Since then, I haven't found anyone playing any of that music with the same sense of perspective they had.

For some time, I've curated that music in my own private collection so that I could enjoy it, myself, and now I want to share that collection with everyone who comes to Classics and Performance.

Obviously, I can't just giveaway music — that's illegal and as a person who works in the professional arts, I understand why that matters. But, with today's technology, that problem has been solved. I'm creating a playlist on the website, Spotify, that will allow you to sign up for your own account and listen to it for free. It's titled the Sound of Classics and Performance. It's a work in progress and I'll be continuing to add to it as time goes on.

Whether you grew up with it or never heard this music before, I hope you find some of the joy in it that I have. It's impacted so many lives, created the sound of modern music, and celebrated freedom, the American Muscle Car and one of our favorite pastimes, hot rodding, like no other musical era before or since.

Classics and Performance is about Muscle Cars, yes, but it's also about the other things that significantly influence cars and car culture, like art, science, architecture, and music. I'm genuinely pleased to be able to share this part of my automotive love affair with you — the Sound of Classics and Performance is what it sounds like behind the scenes as I work on the website, my cars, or hit the road in the Cobalt SS/SC.



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