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Need to Weld

Need to Weld

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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When I wrote the review for Weld Like a Pro, I mentioned that many of my Car Projects require welding of some sort or another, but, didn't elaborate much on what I foresee them needing.

Let me remedy that.

I don't know everything each of my cars is going to require, because I haven't torn them all apart and removed all of the paint and rust from all of their parts. What I can tell you is that even with a superficial perusal, I know without any doubt that they're going to need some welding work. Here's a brief rundown for each of them:

The 351
After I bought the 351 back in the early 2000s, I tore it apart extensively in an attempt to make it road worthy. I had limited funds and space, so my results were sub-standard — at least for me. What matters here, is that I uncovered a few areas that are going to require welded parts replacement. Specifically, the package tray (as seen in the photo above), the trunk floor drop-offs, and the exhaust.
The Mustang
My Mother's '66 Mustang easily has over 300,000 miles on the odometer. Well, I guess not technically on the odometer since it doesn't go that high, but, suffice it to say it's not only over 50 years old, it's been used extensively, and exposed to the elements for much of that time. One of the casualties of that much living is the front of the driver side quarter panel. It managed to grow a big rust spot that's eaten its way all the way through. I don't know about the rest of the body, though — which means there could be more. And, it's going to need a full exhaust system on top of that before it hits the road again. So, although it's not in as bad a shape as the 351, it's going to need its fair share of welding rod — or wire as the case may be.
The El Camino
I've already mentioned my Grandfather's '67 El Camino needs in many places, but, just to make it easy, I'll mention again, here, that it may need an exhaust system and there's also a chance it's going to need some body panels if the dreaded car cancer has taken root — I won't know until I get a chance to give it a full inspection.
The Survivor
As you're probably aware, the Survivor '87 Mustang LX came to me all rusty, but, surprisingly, only one panel needs replacing — the real issue with this one is that it's sandwiched with two other panels and the severe rust is at the junction point. Oh, and it'll need a cat-back system. Unlike most 5.0 projects, I don't want an aftermarket set-up. This one I want to be all stock, so I'm probably going to have to do my best to find stock-replacement parts as close to the originals as possible and weld one together.
The LX
There aren't any panel replacements on this one, only the exhaust. I do eventually plan to modify the car, but, to start, it's going back to the road, stock — and like the Survivor, I'm going to need to put together a stock-replacement cat-back system which will require some welding work.
The GT
My '95 Mustang GT is in such fantastic shape it needs no welding help, just some parts replacement and rebuild work. The body is in damn near perfect condition except for a small ding and some scratches that need to be taken care of. The exhaust is all original and still in great shape.
The Cobalt SS/SC
To round out all the Car Projects, I'll mention that I've already said that the Cobalt doesn't need any welding work in the last Bench Racing post — it still holds true a week later.

As you can see, with all these projects looming, welding is going to be an important skill for me to have and as I expressed in the review, Weld Like a Pro was a great reminder of the knowledge I've picked up over the years and subsequently forgot. In fact, it's got me chomping at the bit to get at my projects and start melding metal.

All I need is the space to do it.

And the money to get the space.

And to set it up to do some serious welding.

And to assemble the welding equipment.

I guess, all I need is everything and I'm good to go.

I'll be sure to post something when that happens.


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