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My 1993 Ford Mustang LX in the old Classics and Performance Garage

Losing My Idol

Bench Racing

by Ryan King

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It finally happened.

Today, My Speed Demon left me.

It's been over two years since we'd started having problems (see Bench Racing 2/27/06, Bench Racing 4/26/06, Bench Racing 5/15/06, and Bench Racing 5/25/06).

No, it wasn't over a woman.


It was over my lack of a fast car.

You know, I tried. I really did.

I worked my fingers to the bone, slaved weekend after weekend to get one of the Mustangs on the road to make it happy.

I struggled for more than two years, but finally, it had had what it thought was "enough."

I begged it to stay. I pleaded with it to just hold out a little longer. I said the good times would be back again and we would be happy.

It said it didn't care, it had lost its love for me and it didn't think it could ever get it back.

That's when I became angry and I yelled. I said I'd done everything for it, sacrificed everything so it would be happy.

It just shrugged and toddled toward the door.

I completely lost it, I yelled again. I said how could it betray me like this, over a material object — or objects in my case — I thought we had something special, something that would stand the test of time!

It just shrugged again and closed the door behind it.

I tell you what, those damned gold-digging idols...

I'll show it! I'll put the '93 back on the road with my own two hands!

It's not like it did anything anyway! It was just there for the joy rides!

When the hard times hit, it just left! I don't need it! I don't need any idol!

And when I get the '93 on the road, it'll come crawling back because it knows it'll never be like it was with me! It'll find that out soon enough!

But it'll be too late.

I'll look it right in its angry red eyes and tell it I don't need an idol. I don't need anyone to enjoy my cars with me!

No, I don't need it anymore, not at all.

One day, years from now, when I'm on my deathbed (I mean, it is a supernatural idol, I don't think it can die), it'll be sorry for what it did, oh yes. It'll have squandered the best thing it'll ever have and then I'll get to rest with the satisfaction of knowing it will spend the rest of eternity tormented by my memory and what it could never have again!

I'll show My Speed Demon and it'll wish it had never left me.


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