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The GT in Many Glacier Title Image

Auld Lang Syne

The end of 2019 has made me a smidge nostalgic — not for 2019, but for the cars like my '95 Mustang GT.

Posted: 12/29/19

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Sunset on the Coast Title Image

Going for a Joy Ride

I recently got the Cobalt back from the dealership after getting some much-needed repairs taken care of and when I got home, I found My Speed Demon randomly popping up in unusual places.

Posted: 4/22/18

2007 Chevrolet Cobalt SS/SC Posterized Title Image

Reconciling with My Demon

Today My Speed Demon and I made a big step forward: I introduced it to the Cobalt for the first time.

Posted: 3/18/18

The Eye of My Speed Demon Title Image

Return of My Speed Demon

Guess what?

Posted: 2/18/18

Happy New Year 2018!

My Speed Demon, the Prequal

Back in February of 2006, I revealed the existence of My Speed Demon.

Posted: 1/21/18


LX in the Shop Title Image

Losing My Idol

It finally happened.

Posted: 10/6/08


'97 Saturn SL PCV Title Image

No Longer Furious

So, My Speed Demon finally caught up with me.

Posted: 5/25/06

'97 Saturn SL Valvetrain Title Image

The Issue with Idols

I got the Saturn back from the dealership.

Posted: 5/15/06

'97 Saturn SL Engine Title Image

Revenge of My Speed Demon

I knew it was coming.

Posted: 4/26/06

My Speed Demon Title Image

My Speed Demon

My Speed Demon makes me do things that other people don't understand.

Posted: 2/27/06

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