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My 1995 Ford Mustang GT in the Desert

1995 Ford Mustang GT

The GT

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The GT is a 1995 Ford Mustang GT with a 5.0 V8 and a Borg-Warner T-5 5-speed manual transmission that became my beloved baby after purchasing it back in 2003.

Ever since the SN-95 body style debuted for the '94 model year, I've had a soft spot for it. I spent a number of years making half-hearted attempts to buy one until I finally succeeded in March of 2003. I found this one on eBay, and although it did have an issue with the front hubs, I was immediately enamored with her.

I love the way this car handles, brakes, and feels to drive.

That said, it does have a couple of issues, only one of which can potentially be resolved.

The first issue is that it sits too high. I don't mean the car's stance, but rather, my butt in the seat. Like all of the Mustangs from '79-'04, for some reason Ford thought it was a good idea to provide better ingress and egress than a lower, superior position in the chassis for driving like the early cars. It's one of my big pet peeves, but, there isn't anything I can do about it.

The second issue may be something I can fix, and that is its lack of power — especially in the bottom end. I'm willing to give it a try, provided I can accomplish it without upsetting the rest of the car, its drivability, its reliability, or its durability. The car is so well engineered, I want anything else done to it to have the same level of refinement, so we'll see what I end up doing with it — if anything.

Right now, it sits derelict after the clutch and trans went belly up back in 2006. Yeah, it's been down for 12 years, but it's far from out.

One day — hopefully soon-ish — she will ride again.


The GT Hood Title Image

GT Revival

The GT isn't historically significant beyond being a 5.0 5-speed Mustang, but it holds a great deal of personal significance for me.

Updated: 9/8/19


1995 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Engine

Summer Wrenching

Summer's fast approaching and if you're still stuck at home, it might be time to get wrenching on that project you've been meaning to work on.

Posted: 6/7/20

Fat 5.0 Mustang

The Fat 5.0

I don't know, maybe "big boned" is more socially acceptable nowadays?

Posted: 5/31/20

Old Ford 5.0 Mustang

Chasing Gremlins

Way back when I bought the 347my first '87 Mustang LX — I attempted to improve the ignition.

Posted: 5/17/20

1966 Ford Mustang 289 V8 After a Tune-Up

Vintage Driving

It's been a long time since I've driven a car with a carb.

Posted: 4/26/20

High-Performance Differentials, Axles and Drivelines Front Cover

High-Performance Differentials, Axles and Drivelines

Rear ends and drivelines are often poorly understood by automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike and author Joseph Palazzolo understands that.

In his book High-Performance Differentials, Axles and Drivelines he packs 144 pages full of interesting and relevant information on the subject.

If you're looking to understand your rear end or rear ends in general, then take a look at my review of High-Performance Differentials, Axles and Drivelines to see if this is the book for you.

Posted: 2/20

Ford 8.8" Ring and Pinion Gear Set-Up

Car Butts

I like car butts and I cannot lie.

Posted: 2/9/20

The GT in Many Glacier Title Image

Auld Lang Syne

The end of 2019 has made me a smidge nostalgic — not for 2019, but for the cars like my '95 Mustang GT.

Posted: 12/29/19

Project Management Workflow

Of Programs and Projects

The final project to build the Car Lot Hobby Complex is complete!

Posted: 10/20/19

Cobalt Interior Title Image

The Cobalt and a Malt

I happen to love a good chocolate malt.

Posted: 4/21/19

The Cobalt SS/SC Tach Title Image

Getting the Cobalt Ship Shape...Again

There's really only one thing I'm a pro at, and it's crastinating.

Posted: 2/10/19

OTC OBD I & II Scan Tool 3211 Title Image

OTC OBD I & II Scan Tool 3211

For years I avoided cars that require a scan tool for diagnostic work.

Once I was forced to buy them (I've owned three, so far), I avoided working on them.

Only recently have I run into a problem with the Cobalt SS/SC that I actually benefitted from having a scan tool, so I broke down and bought one.

After extensive research, the tool I chose to purchase was an OTC OBD I & II Scan Tool (P/N 3211). It straddles the line between cost and professional capabilities.

Follow along with this review to see how I was able to use it and how well it worked for me.

Posted: 1/19

Happy New Year 2016 Title Image

Happy New Year, 2016 Edition

Happy New Year!

Posted: 1/3/16

GreaseMaster and Rusteco Title Image

GreaseMaster and Rusteco

Environment, people, and substrate safe degreaser/all-purpose cleaner and rust removers.

Posted: 5/06

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