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Two-Barrel Terror

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Project: Two-Barrel Terror is the project to convert the 351 from a plebeian 289-powered pony to its 351W namesake — this car has always been intended to emulate an idealized version of my first, the Original 351. That includes a Raven Black paint job, a 4-speed Toploader and a wonderfully plain, but none-the-less exciting 2-barrel 351W.

This project is incredibly significant for me: a return to my automotive roots and the completion of a journey that started when I bought my first car as a teenager decades ago.

When I traded my '66 GT coupe for the 351 years ago, it was like I'd gone off and had it restored in a couple of hours — because they were both Ivy Green and the 351 was in considerably better shape. However, it was hiding a number of demons underneath its shiny exterior.

Outside of basic mechanical repairs the car needed to be immediately road-worthy, it also had some issues that wouldn't show themselves right away: bad head gaskets, a balance issue somewhere in the powertrain, a nearly-worn out clutch, shitty tires, one wheel from a '69 Mustang with a different offset, amongst other more minor problems.

The body is no peach, either. It needs a quarter panel straightened, the hood hinges adjusted or replaced, the rusted-out trunk floors replaced, and this car's most hidden and difficult demon, the package tray, has been ruined beyond repair. Again, amongst other more minor issues.

Of course, that's not all. It will also need the interior restored, the suspension replaced, and a bunch of other odds and ends, but those are rather minor in the scheme of things.

In order for this car to meet my vision and to finally realize my lifelong goal that began with the Original 351 so many years ago, it's going to require quite a bit of work — a total restoration being the baseline and the mods to turn it into "the 351," added to that.

All I need is the money, space, and equipment to do it.

No problem...I've got this.



I haven't made any progress on my other projects and the El Camino is my current priority, so there will be quite some time before I get started on it. Check back here as this is the future spot for all project progress updates.

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