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My Toolbox Equipment Shed

Equipment Shed

The Toolbox

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The Toolbox is a VersaTube 12'x9'x7' Summit Utility Building for storing — you guessed it — the equipment for my Service Garage.

The idea behind the Equipment Shed is virtually identical to the Junk Box and Toy Box: I don't have space to store all the equipment I use frequently in my Service Garage, the Wrench Works because the space is only large enough for the work I need to perform in it and nothing more. In order to gain the space in a more cost effective manner, I'm turning to a modular shed approach.

In order to keep the equipment storage convenient, I'll be building the Toolshed right behind the Wrench Works.

That's it.

If I have any other equipment storage needs, they'll be stored in the Warehouse.

My plan, for now, is to build the Toolbox along with the Toy Box prior to the Service Garage. I could really use it before building the Warehouse Storage Garage, but I'm trying to keep costs down so that I can get the Warehouse up as fast as possible. Since I'll need an equipment shed to effectively use the Service Garage — and it will aid in the build of the Wrench Works — putting it up first is a win-win.


Project: Déjà Vu Title Image

Déjà Vu

It's happening again: I'm building another box.

Updated: 10/6/19


Pumpkin Farm

Fall Project(s)

Where's the Facebook page for the Survivor?

Posted: 10/6/19

Daisies Title Image


It seems that, just to prove my point about the Hobby Complex plan being fluid, it already needs to be revised.

Posted: 7/14/19

Three Old Sheds Title Image

Boxed In

Normally, being boxed in is an issue, but within my Hobby Complex, the Boxes are a row of sheds that allow me to free up work space — and freedom is good.

Posted: 6/23/19

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