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Car Lot Title Image

The Car Lot

The Car Lot is the complex for my hobby-related buildings and the grounds that surround them. More than just a plot of land, the Car Lot serves a functional purpose that includes practical layout of the buildings, easy access to them, and privacy.

Updated: 11/15/20

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Junk Box Title Image

The Junk Box

The Junk Box is a storage shed for my MRO equipment, projects, etc. It's planned to be a 12'x9' pre-fab building from VersaTube and it's going to be the first building I put up as I construct my car hobby facilities.

Updated: 9/8/19

Warehouse Title Image

The Warehouse

The Warehouse is my Storage Garage and I'm planning to build a 40'x40' pre-fab steel building from VersaTube — it's the keystone to my plans moving forward with my car hobby.

Updated: 11/15/20

Workshop Title Image

The Workshop

The Workshop is an MRO workspace for my house and car hobby facility projects. My plans are to build it from a pre-fab 12'x20' VersaTube metal building kit.

Updated: 9/15/19

Garage Title Image

The Garage

The Garage is going to be the place where I park my daily driver. Because my hobby is so financially strapped, it's also going to pull double duty and have a bay for maintenance and light repair. My plan is to build an attached 30'x28' 2-car garage on my house — a house, that I don't have yet.

Updated: 4/12/20

Trailerport Title Image

The Trailerport

The Trailerport is the place where I plan to store the car hauler I need for my hobby. It's a 3-sided carport from VersaTube that measures 12'x29' I'm co-opting to work as an RV Cover so that I can keep the elements at bay.

Updated: 9/29/19

Toolbox Title Image

The Toolbox

The Toolbox is a storage shed exclusively for my auto shop equipment. It's going to be a 12'x9' VersaTube steel building. With space limited in my Service Garage, it's going to be critical to the success of my Car Projects.

Updated: 10/6/19

Toy Box Title Image

The Toy Box

The Toy Box is a steel VersaTube storage shed for storing auto parts, materials, and supplies for projects, repairs, and maintenance. As with the Toolbox, space is limited in the Wrench Works, so it's going to be critical to free up space for my Car Projects.

Updated: 10/13/19

Wrench Works Title Image

The Wrench Works

The Wrench Works is planned to be a 25'x40' custom-engineered steel building with a 12' attached carport from VersaTube — if I'm ever able to get it up.

Updated: 12/8/19

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