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My Toy Box Inventory Shed

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The Toy Box

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The problem with building the Wrench Works is that in order to keep costs down, I've opted to go with a design just big enough to get the job done and not a lick more. Consequently, there isn't enough space to store any inventory for projects, repairs, maintenance, and the like.

That's where a shed comes into play.

Sheds are relatively inexpensive and ideally suited to hold inventory. Position one close enough to where you're working and it becomes convenient as well. That's the idea behind the Toy Box Inventory Shed.

The Toy Box is going to be a 12'x9'x7' Summit Utility Building by VersaTube — color matched to the rest of the buildings.

It isn't the cheapest shed to build by a long shot, but there are two distinct advantages to the extra cost: one, it looks like the other buildings in my Hobby Complex and two, it's much higher quality.

This shed will be identical to the Junk Box, and the Toolbox, and it's not the last I'll be building. They are a perfect modular solution for adding storage and even small workspaces — especially for the small, but messier jobs. So be on the lookout for more sheds popping up around the complex as time and money allow.


Project: All Over Again Title Image

All Over Again

If the project to build the Toolbox is Déjà Vu, then this one must be déjà vu, all over again.

Updated: 10/13/19


Airplane Arriving


Guess what?

Posted: 10/13/19

Daisies Title Image


It seems that, just to prove my point about the Hobby Complex plan being fluid, it already needs to be revised.

Posted: 7/14/19

Three Old Sheds Title Image

Boxed In

Normally, being boxed in is an issue, but within my Hobby Complex, the Boxes are a row of sheds that allow me to free up work space — and freedom is good.

Posted: 6/23/19

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