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My Junk Box MRO Shed

MRO Shed

The Junk Box

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What does MRO mean?

For those not in the know, MRO stands for Maintenance, Repair, and Operations. Thus, this shed is where I will store stuff related to maintenance, repair, and operations. The Junk Box — as I'm nicknaming the MRO Shed — is currently planned to be a pre-fab 12'x9'x7' Summit Utility Building from VersaTube to keep costs down. If you've priced this building, you may be wondering why on Earth I think I'm keeping costs down? I'm looking for something more durable than the average hardware-store-variety shed. It's going to be used — a lot — and I want to be sure it's up to the wear and tear, but I don't want to spend custom design/engineering prices for a shed and this is a less expensive off-the-shelf model that will match the rest of the buildings I'll be constructing for my hobby facility.

The suck part of this building is that, due to the best configuration for the Hobby Complex, it's going to be a ways from the house and the Workshop. That's okay, though, even if it's less efficient for the MRO its intended to support, the arrangement will be worth it for my hobby in the end.


MRO Shed Frame Title Image

Test Case

Not merely a humble shed, this is the first building I will be constructing on the Car Lot. A test case to prepare me for the larger challenges ahead, building my Hobby Complex.

Updated: 9/8/19


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Now with More Content!

The current design for Classics and Performance has been a long time coming.

Posted: 9/8/19

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It seems that, just to prove my point about the Hobby Complex plan being fluid, it already needs to be revised.

Posted: 7/14/19

Three Old Sheds Title Image

Boxed In

Normally, being boxed in is an issue, but within my Hobby Complex, the Boxes are a row of sheds that allow me to free up work space — and freedom is good.

Posted: 6/23/19

Architectural Plan Drawing Title Image

Minimum Viable Product

In engineering, iteration is a slow but effective process for improvement.

Posted: 5/26/19

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