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You know what's ridiculous? Calling a carport for a trailer, a "carport."

Instead, I've coined a worse-sounding word, "trailerport," and that's what I'm calling this building.

The Trailerport is a carport to cover the trailer I'm going to need to haul the cars around.

One of the biggest obstacles I've found in my hobby is not being able to transport vehicles without calling in a tow truck, having to specify that I don't want metal hooks and chains used on the chassis, scheduling a chunk out of my day to be available to meet the driver, watching to be sure the job is done right, and finally paying for the privilege.

Shipping a car is an even bigger hassle.

Not that I don't appreciate the services these people and businesses provide, I do, and I've been fortunate enough to work with some really great drivers and outfits, but I'd rather just handle it all myself — I'm particular like that. Thus, the need for a car trailer and a cover to keep it nice.

Plus, this building can pull double duty for some of the messier work I'll be doing, which will make for easier containment and cleanup.

So, what is the Trailerport? It's a 29'x12'x10' pre-designed carport from VersaTube. It's enclosed on three sides to keep the elements off the trailer, and I can even add a curtain to the front, myself, should I get industrious.


Project: Trailer Tube Title Image

Trailer Tube

The Trailerport is essentially a tube. Technically, for me, this is an RV Cover, but VersaTube sells it as a Classic Carport.

Go figure.

Regardless, it's perfectly sized to cover the car hauler for my hobby and Project: Trailer Tube is how I'm going to get it done.

Updated: 9/29/19


Bored Boxer

Unexciting News

RV covers aren't exciting.

Posted: 9/29/19



It seems that, just to prove my point about the Hobby Complex plan being fluid, it already needs to be revised.

Posted: 7/14/19

Olden Days 2

Boxed In

Normally, being boxed in is an issue, but within my Hobby Complex, the Boxes are a row of sheds that allow me to free up work space — and freedom is good.

Posted: 6/23/19


Stuffing the Bun

Trying to back a car hauler into a carport — not an RV cover — is kinda like trying to stuff a ballpark-sized hot dog in a picnic bun.

Posted: 6/9/19

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