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Car Projects

The 351 Purchase Title Image

The 351

The 351 is a 1966 Ford Mustang with a 289 V8 and a 3-speed manual transmission — and it's a replacement for my first car, the Original 351.

Updated: 11/10/19

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Mom's Mustang Title Image

The Mustang

The Mustang is a 1966 Ford Mustang with a 200 I6 and a C4 automatic transmission, and it was both my Mother's first car and the car I learned to drive on.

Updated: 11/10/19

Garage Projects

Car Lot Title Image

The Car Lot

The Car Lot is the complex for my hobby-related buildings and the grounds that surround them. More than just a plot of land, the Car Lot serves a functional purpose that includes practical layout of the buildings, easy access to them, and privacy.

Updated: 10/20/19

Toy Box Title Image

The Toy Box

The Toy Box is a steel VersaTube storage shed for storing auto parts, materials, and supplies for projects, repairs, and maintenance. As with the Toolbox, space is limited in the Wrench Works, so it's going to be critical to free up space for my Car Projects.

Updated: 10/13/19

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