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Craftsman 1000w Halogen Worklight

Proper Bulb Handling

It's important not to touch the bulb with your bare hands or get any contaminants on the bulb surface as the oils from your hands or other contaminants can cause heat build up which can burn out the bulb. Halogen bulbs work at very high temperatures. By leaving contamination such as oil residue that can hold heat, it will cause that area of the bulb surface to get too hot. If you get contamination on the bulb, be sure to clean the bulb with a non-residue leaving, non-caustic cleaner such as alcohol, to remove the contamination before installation. I personally just use a paper towel to hold the bulb, so long as it doesn't soak through with oils or sweat from my hand. The instructions recommend using either the bulb wrapper or a cloth. Photo: Ryan King, 2006.

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