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Craftsman 1000w Halogen Worklight

Worklight Parts Laid Out

I've found it's a good idea to lay out, take inventory, and compare all of the parts to the parts list before getting started to make sure I either don't waste time partially assembling something that I will need to breakdown and return, get stalled and be forced to store it away while I wait for the needed piece (and potentially forget where I am in the process), or, worst case scenario, screw up a part of a procedure that is time sensitive (this mostly relates to other types of assembly which require adhesives or paints, but I find it is sound practice to consider this factor and how it relates to whatever process or project I am working on before I start). At the beginning of this assembly, I'm greeted by a good omen: All of the components are present and I am ready to move forward. Photo: Ryan King, 2006.

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