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Ryobi 18V One+ Project Wet/Dry Vacuum

Cobalt SS/SC Junk in the Trunk

Okay, not a lot of junk in the trunk, just some debris scattered around the trunk mat — again, I keep the Cobalt clean.

Wait, you noticed the Pioneer sub-woofer? Believe it or not, this is something that's come up before. No, I didn't install it, the Cobalt SS/SC came with it from the factory. When you got a Cobalt SS Supercharged, it was the standard sound system. Although, not a truly high-end system, the Cobalt's sound system is a cut above your average economy car — especially with a CD or MP3 player plugged in, not so much with the radio. It's a foible, but the radio provides a grainy sound that doesn't produce much range, while a CD or an MP3 player is crystal clear with solid depth. Photo: Ryan King, 2019.

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