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OTC OBD I & II Scan Tool 3211

P2101 — Historical

We've been over the meaning of most of the information on this screen in "P2176 — Historical" above, so I'm just going to explain the new and/or most pertinent pieces of information here:

P2101 Definition:
Throttle actuator control motor circuit range / performance.
HISTORY (Highlighted in Blue):
Like the P2176 code, this one is held in the computer's history. Although, it isn't current.
MIL (Highlighted in Blue):
It caused the MIL to illuminate.
"Since last key cycle" and "NOT RUN" (Below):
This time, "Since last key cycle" returned a "NOT RUN" status, so it wasn't run since the last key cycle.
CODE (Bottom Center):
This is a very useful tool. It shows that there is Code Connect information for this code. Code Connect is a database of real world fixes for various codes. This code returned only one reported fix — and it wasn't the best news, but it wasn't the worst. Read "P2101 Code Connect," below. Photo: Ryan King, 2018.

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