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OTC OBD I & II Scan Tool 3211

The Cables

Included in a box in the clam shell is this case, which holds the cables. There is one for almost every application the scanner will work with, including the Extension/Adapter Cable, OBD II cable, Ford EEC IV OBD I Cable, GM OBD I ALDL Cable, Chrysler OBD I SCI Cable, Toyota OBD I Rectangular Cable, Toyota OBD I Round Cable, and Cigarette Lighter Power Cable (for use with OBD I applications that don't have a power pin in their connections — there are ample warnings in the user manual not to use this cable with OBD II). Cables not included but may be necessary are the Battery Clip Y Adapter Cable (to get power directly from the battery if necessary), Ford OBD I MECS Cable, and Chrysler OBD I LH Cable. Lastly, the USB cable necessary to hook the tool up to a PC for power, to download updates for the tool over the internet, and to use with OTC's Scanning Suite software, isn't included either. Neither is it listed with the rest of the cables in Chapter 3. The information for that cable isn't provided anywhere in the manual, so I'm not sure if OTC provides one, or if you are just supposed to source one on your own. Photo: Ryan King, 2018.

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