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The Complete Book of American Muscle Supercars

COPO 9561

What is a COPO 9561? It's the special order designation used to purchase an L-72 425-horsepower 427-powered Camaro right from the factory in 1969. Although not officially allowed by GM brass — the Camaro couldn't have anything larger than a 396 — Don Yenko, along with help from Camaro engineer Vince Piggins, managed to get the car assembled at the factory using the Central Office Purchase Order system, otherwise known by the acronym COPO. He had already used the system in '68 to get a car with a heavy duty chassis that he could install 427s into. With a little massaging, the rest fell into place and the legendary COPO Camaro was born. Once the cars arrived at his dealership, Yenko spruced them up with Yenko branding and off they went — some of the nastiest performance cars of the era. Photo: David Newhardt, 2007.

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