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Fox Body Mustang Restoration: 1979-1993

Panel Alignment

One of the keys to making 5.0 Mustangs look good is panel alignment and straightness.

While that effects all cars, '60s Mustangs and Muscle Cars were often built with more character in the sheet metal so they are better at hiding minor imperfections. Fox Body Mustangs, on the other hand, were designed to be sleek and crisp, with smooth, flat panels and clean lines, so any imperfections in the body and paint detracts very easily from their looks and the closer to perfection they come, the more impressive they are, visually.

Basically, fit and finish make or break a 5.0's impact and character.

In Chapter 3 of Fox Body Mustang Restoration: 1979-1993, Jim Smart explains some of the key elements that professionals manipulate and the processes they use to make the body work on these cars pop — things like tape lines and/or straight edges as is being demonstrated in this photo.

Although this kind of work is beyond the scope of my current planned project for the LX, the Survivor is going to require some body work and paint before it's done, and I may very well have the opportunity to make the most of the factory design with that one. We'll see. Photo: Jim Smart.

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