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Fox Body Mustang Restoration: 1979-1993

Rosette Weld

Here, Scott Brideau of Car Concepts in Nampa, Idaho adjusts the factory weld points for the quarter panels on Bruno — Bruce Couture's 1984 Ford Mustang Convertible.

As noted by author Jim Smart in Fox Body Mustang Restoration: 1979-1993, Mustang convertibles manufactured from 1983 to 1993 weren't built on the Ford assembly line — nor were there even special body panel stampings engineered and punched out for them. Because of that, fit and finish of the bodywork right off the showroom floor can be questionable.

Fox Body Mustang convertibles were all originally coupes that were sent to another company to have their hardtops removed and soft convertible tops put in place. That process makes for body panel alignment issues when restoring these cars.

In the case of Bruno, that meant drilling out the original spot welds, adjusting the quarter panel alignment and putting in new rosette welds to reattach them.

Although the 14,000-original mile Survivor is a disaster, at least I don't have those problems to contend with when restoring her. Photo: Jim Smart.

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