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Fox Body Mustang Restoration: 1979-1993

Smooth Convertible

When looked at as a visual design problem, factory Fox Body Mustangs are a bunch of large flat surfaces, broken up by crisp lines — or, at least, they should be — but not complex shapes. That creates a specific kind of problem for making them look good. In order to achieve that, the flat surfaces need to be extremely smooth, the lines very crisp, and the panels well aligned.

Anything else and a 5.0 Mustang just looks cheap.

Don't complain because I said it, Ford designed it that way.

Consequently, old 5.0s that have dents or sagging doors or misaligned panels or weathered paint don't just look aged, they look haggard — these cars don't patina well.

That means in order to really restore a Fox Body Mustang, you need to spend the time to smooth and align the panels as shown here on Bruce Couture's '84 Mustang, Bruno, in Fox Body Mustang Restoration: 1979-1993.

I've lucked out with the LX 1993 Mustang because her factory bodywork is nearly flawless — even after more than 25 years. Of course, it is black, so every flaw shows and as noted by author Jim Smart, the body panels on these cars weren't perfect even when new. However, the LX is in such good shape, I don't see any need to repair the paint and body before I hit the road with her again — I just need to be able to get wrenching on it.

One day. Photo: Jim Smart.

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