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Ultimate Garage Handbook

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Motorbooks published Ultimate Garage Handbook back in 2004 and it's the most useful enthusiast-oriented book on garages I've read up to this point.

This book is too short and it went out of print a while ago, but the editorial content is spot-on. The author, Richard Newton, really knocked this little book out. My opinion on that probably has a lot to do with the fact that his garage interests seem to be more inline with my own than the other books I've read, but it also manages to convey as much information as the others — and sometimes, more — in fewer pages, while coming at it from the perspective of creating a productive and pleasant place to wrench — rather than simply being cheap or trying to one-up the neighbor.

As an automotive enthusiast who wants to build a useful space I can work in year-round, but not kill my meager pocketbook doing it, I've found this book strikes the right balance.

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