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High-Performance Differentials, Axles and Drivelines

Ford 8.8" Differential Shim

This photo comes from Chapter 3: Rebuilding the Rear Axle.

As noted in the caption in the book for this photo, differentials are shimmed for an interference fit. I know this because I once had to use a come-along wrapped around a tree to pull one out while working on the Ford 8.8" rear end in my old Mustang, the 347.

That was not a pleasant experience — one that only reinforced my opinion that cars are better worked on in the proper facilities with the right knowledge and tools on hand to do the job correctly.

In High-Performance Differentials, Axles and Drivelines, author Joseph Palazzolo does an excellent job of explaining how to properly shim a differential for an interference fit — something that would have been nice for me to know a long time ago before I started working on rear ends instead of fumbling around and figuring it out myself through trial and error. Photo: Randall Shafer.

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