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High-Performance Differentials, Axles and Drivelines

Ford 8.8" Pinion Flange Removal

This photo comes from Chapter 3: Rebuilding the Rear Axle.

Removing and installing the pinion nut is tricky. In the caption accompanying this photo in the book the author describes the ease of removing it with an air impact gun, but it isn't necessary. When rebuilding rear ends in the past, I didn't have access to an impact gun, so I used a tool I created myself out of some metal stock from the local home improvement store — which is mentioned later on in Chapter 6 for holding the pinion flange while tightening down the pinion nut — a pinion flange holding tool.

If you don't want to make one yourself, you can find them at Summit Racing, Jegs, or Randy's Ring and Pinion — now called Randy's Worldwide. They're also referred to as a pinion yoke wrench, a yoke wrench tool, a pinion yoke tool, or pinion yoke holder. Photo: Joseph Palazzolo.

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