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GreaseMaster and Rusteco Gel

Rusteco and Rust Removed

The inspection plate, while clean, is pretty rusty from 10 years of use and environmental exposure. Because of its size and the fact that the rust isn't very thick, I'll be using the Gel. It took several applications, but to be fair the first application I put on was thin. For the next two applications I used a thick coating and scrubbed the rust off with first a scouring pad and then a steel wire brush. In fact, most of the rust was removed with the second application. The third was only used to remove some stubborn deposits and was only applied in small spots. The results were worth the effort. The part was completely cleaned of rust. The dark spots on the plate were a combination of lighting and stains left by the Gel that were removed with another application of the Gel and scrubbing (I didn't have the opportunity to photo it for this article). Photo: Ryan King, 2006.

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