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Manufacturer Recommendations and Information

  • Jet part washers: 1000:1
  • Dipping tanks: 800:1
  • General spray-on applications: 400:1-600:1
  • Carpet cleaning: 400:1
  • Pressure washer gun: 200:1-600:1
  • Heavy grease removal w/heated pressure washer (140°F-190°F) @ 3000 PSI: 100:1
  • Effective useable temperature is 40°F-275°F
  • Product works best at 130°F and above (although it works phenomenally at ambient temperature)
  • Wash off with water by pressure washing, rinsing or agitation with a wet rag
  • GreaseMaster leaves no residue and will even remove salt and other contaminants which will make the part ready for painting
  • Will not harm metals, glass, paint, plastic, rubber, or fabrics and is a perfect cleaner for all these materials
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