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Rusteco Gel

De-Rusted Backing Plate

As you can see, the rust is gone from the backing plate and the powder coating is still in great shape. Through several trial-and-error applications, I figured out how the Gel worked and how to make it do what I was looking for. I think a pressure washer would be ideal in this application, but I don't have one. Instead, I used a rag and a brush to remove the hardened Gel as well as ultra fine steel wool (0000) for more aggressive rust removal in areas where it wouldn't damage the powder coating. Once dried, the Gel becomes hard, very much like an epoxy, but unlike an epoxy, it will come off with water and agitation. This definitely wasn't the ideal test to show the most effective way to use the Gel (as I utilized several application and removal methods during this test), but it does show how well it works on steel and that it doesn't harm powder coating in the process. Photo: Ryan King, 2006.

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