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Rusteco Gel

No More Corrosion

I applied the gel on the throttle body parts and intake plaque in a thick layer and left it on over night (because I didn't have time to finish removing it that day). It didn't actually need that much time to remove aluminum corrosion, as I've used it to effectively and completely to remove aluminum corrosion in a matter of minutes. When I came back the next day, I just used a wet rag to wipe off the dried gel and it took all of the corrosion with it, as you can see in the photo. The corrosion left behind in the photo was in an area I hadn't gotten the gel on, and as you can see, even with agitation it wasn't coming loose. Again, it didn't hurt the engine paint (the missing chips on the intake plaque were actually removed during the application of the gel because they were already starting to flake off). Photo: Ryan King, 2006.

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