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Rusteco Gel

Manufacturer Recommendations and Information

  • Apply a thick layer of the Gel with a brush on a flat surface
  • On vertical surfaces, apply three thin layers in 20 minute intervals
  • For surface rust, let it cure for 24 hours
  • For heavy rust, allow a curing time of 72 hours
  • Ambient temperature is required for this process to work
  • Remove the Gel using steel wool or a scouring pad
  • Wipe the surface dry with a rag
  • The surface is now clean and will not oxidize for a limited period of time
  • Rusteco Gel can be applied with an airless sprayer like those used to paint houses. Just follow the application instructions and make sure not to make the coatings too thick as to prevent run-off.
  • Wait 20 minutes to 72 hours before removing the Gel depending upon the level of corrosion. The warmer the part, the faster the Gel will work. The part may be heated to reduce corrosion removal times from hours and days to minutes and hours.
  • Remove corrosion and Gel with a pressure washer or with water and agitation with a scouring pad or hard bristle brush
  • Once the Gel is removed, the part will be ready for painting
  • The Gel may be left on or reapplied for indefinite rust prevention, so long as the part does not come in direct contact with water
  • Rusteco goes through four color stages during corrosion removal. It starts out a fresh blue color, then changes from green to brown to black.
  • Parts can be left in contact with Rusteco indefinitely with no adverse effects
  • Rusteco should be stored in a sealed container between 40°F and 90°F. If it does freeze, just let the product thaw and shake or stir to re-suspend Rusteco's solids.
  • Will not harm metals, glass, paint, plastic, rubber or fabrics and is a perfect corrosion or corrosion stain remover for all these materials
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