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Mating Surface Prep

Scraping the Mating Surface

Many people may be tempted to leave these contaminants, but that is a poor choice that may quickly lead to a leaking or blown gasket. It may also seem easier to use a brush or Scotchbrite pad in a drill, but my experience has shown me that this can easily lead to ruining the mating surface by eating away metal and making it uneven — again leading to gasket failure. Instead, the first step should be to use a cleaning method that won't damage the surface you are working on, followed by a more aggressive method meant to remove hard to remove gunk, and finished with a proper cleaning. In this case a putty knife/gasket scraper will remove the large deposits and chunks of gasket material without harming the block deck. TIP: Stuff cylinders and cover the lifter valley with paper towels to help keep them from getting filled with crud that will have to be removed before assembly can begin. Photo: Ryan King, 2005.

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