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MAF Connector Replacement

Step 9

In the case of this repair, the seal didn't need to be replaced, however, had you needed to, you wouldn't have been able to slide the seal off the wiring like in Step 4. Since you would be replacing the seal, it doesn't matter if the original is damaged, so you could carefully cut it off (just make sure not to damage the delicate wires in the process). That said, with the old seal removed, you aren't free and clear — installing the new seal could prove tricky. Start by greasing the seal holes with fresh dialectric compound, then, before you begin inserting the wires, make certain they go in the correct holes with the correct twist on the wires as they exit the harness wrapping (this is important for installation fit when the connector is plugged into the MAF sensor). Finally, install them one at a time, starting from one end of the seal and working sequentially to the other. TIP: Do this last step slowly and gently so as to keep from tearing up the seal.

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